Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Final Post

Sometimes, through the journey of life, we sometimes forget who we really are. We tend to get close to some people so much that we start to talk like them, think like them and become like them.

To many people, including me, this is a great thing. I have a great friend who I'd die to be like. But through it all, don't we lose our own identity? Don't we lose that special gift of being unique and different? Don't we rob our friends and loved ones from the right and honour of being unique? I think we do.

I took me many years to realise that I cannot be a better by trying to be like someone else, I'm best when I am myself.

If I were to speak the truth I would honest never leave the world of blog. I have made sisters and friends through this blog and I know it won't be a smooth and easy life without them. I've found people that are great at listening and people that are great with their words. I've met people that touched my hearts and took me miles away wheneve I used to talk to them.

Despite all my feelings, there's a stronger feeling within my heart that begs me to move on, a feeling that tells me that somehow this world of blog is not a welcoming place for me.

I feel like a stranger and traveller who came to a land where all the people welcomed him, but he knew that thils was just a journey. One day he would have to move on and leave everyone behind.

Even though I'm leaving this place, there's some things I will take with me... the memories I gained through this blog, the friends and sisters I made and the happy moments that you all gave me.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful times you placed into my short life. I will be indebted to everyone for ever. I have no complaints and grieviences with anyone, but I do hope that the many people that I have hurt will forgive me from the bottom of their hearts.

Finally, I would like to say a special thank you to my sister Sajeda who has been there for me without question. Someone who has never questioned me and conforted through all that i've been through. If I had one wish in life, it would be your sister for real. Because I know that no one else can be as precious in life than you are to me. Thank you so much.


Aasiya - Who has been there for me as a sister from day one. I'm sorry sis for my mistakes. I know you have a big heart, hope it's big enough to forgive me.

Mariah - Who hardly came on, but whenever she did her sweetness made up for all the lost times. I'll miss you loads.

Ally - Who despite all my efforts I will not be able to leave. I Love You my Jaan. I'll be in touch. Promise.

Aroosa - The Zaleel who came alone onto my blog, and brought a world of happiness. Love you loads you Zaleel.

Bushra - Though timings did not allow us to get closer, her radiant colours made way into my gloomy heart to make my world a better place.

Saima - A friend of a beloved friend, and a friend too. Someone who's totally unique character just made her stand out from the crowd. A person that will always be remembered. I know you're one of the people that I may have hurt. Forgive me.

Maryam - Who has always held the greatest respect in my heart.

and last but not least...

AP - The person that meant the most to me, and always will. A person that was there for me when I really needed it. Thank you so much. Though I may try and move on, I will never forget you. I'm sorry for everything and I just want you to know that the answers for your questions was simply the my love. Take care my sweet prince.

If I have missed anyone, please forgive me.

A final goodbye to all those that mean the world to me.

Take care...

Lots of love.

~ A a l i y a h ~

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